Our Story


pron; Bood-zee


  1. One’s reason, motivation or inspiration.

               “ I give a hundred per cent to show my son what’s possible for him.                           That's my Boodsie.”


Are you moving closer to your goal?

At Boodsie our mission is to encourage people to lead a healthy and active lifestyle and provide them with the best active wear and athleisure in the process.

We believe finding your ‘reason’, your ‘boodsie’ is the first step to ensuring you will back it up day after day. When we know the ‘why’, the ‘how’ falls into place.

What is your motivation and inspiration to lead an active life?


            Do you want to be the best?

            Or do you just want to be better than yesterday?

            Maybe you want to be the strongest?

            Or maybe you want to be a role model for your kids?


Whatever the reason, you focus on that… And Boodsie will cover the rest.