Not the 6-minute abs!

Not the 6-minute abs!

But what if someone comes out with a 6-minute abs program?

Well we have! Get stuck into this program 3 times a week and improve that core without having to dread the marathon abs session.

There’s no denying we all what abs and need a strong overall core no matter what sport we are involved in. The trouble is too often the abs get tacked onto the end of a heavy weights routine or get dropped all together. So what’s the trick to getting in enough of the necessary core strengthening without dreading it? Quick rounds of 6-minute abs, where you can start your weights routine and finish without it feeling forced.

So where do you start?

  • Activating the core muscles is as must before hitting the main workout. Start with these simple exercises to activate the whole core. This should only take 60 seconds (literally).

  • Activation

    • 20 x situps
    • 20 x high crunches
    • 20 x crunches
    • 20 x toe taps

  • Ok so that core is activated now it’s time for the real work. The next 5 mins. will cover all parts of the core and you can finish with a quick stretch and get on with your main workout, the weights of course.
  • The workout

    • 20 x leg flutters
    • 10 x scissors
    • 10 x leg raises with pulse kicks at top
    • 20 x Russian twists (with medicine ball if available
    • 20 x knee crunches (reverse crunches)

    Repeat the workout for multiple rounds if you are in the mood or add it to the beginning of your regular weights routine every second day and within weeks you will start to notice the strength in your core improve.

    Mix up the routine as it becomes easier or extend to number of reps in each round.

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